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How to Drink More Water!

drinking-waterThere is no doubt that drinking water is important to our overall health and well-being. Drinking water helps to flush toxins and waste products from our body, prevents dehydration, and helps us look better, too. About 60 per cent of our body weight is water – a statistic that highlights just how important this substance is in keeping us healthy. But our body can’t produce all the water it needs, so topping up our supplies, particularly during warm weather or while exercising, is vital.

Although government guidelines say that we should all drink 8 glasses of water a day, your height, weight and the size of the glass can all make a difference. The average adult loses about 1.5 litres of fluid a day via urine and another litre through breathing and sweating – that’s 2.5 litres a day! We receive about 25 per cent of the fluid we need each day from food, while the remaining 75 per cent has to come from drinking.  Below are five simple rules to help you drink more water.

Five Simple Rules


  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. This will wake you up and help your body replace any fluid lost when you were sleeping. Best if it’s warm or room temperature, never cold, as it’s a bit of a shock to your digestive system!
  • Keep a bottle or glass close. Not only will this good habit remind you to drink more frequently and regularly throughout your day, but it’s also an easy way of keeping track of how much you’re drinking. If you fill it up from the tap you can reuse it as well – brilliant for the environment!
  • Add some flavour. Let’s admit it, water can be pretty boring. But instead of using artificial flavoring, opt for something more natural—watermelon chunks, cucumber, mint or orange slices can be quite tasty and refreshing. Freeze peeled pieces of lemons, limes, and oranges and use them instead of ice cubes. The extra Vitamin C & B are a bonus!
  • Eat your water. You can hydrate with water-rich foods like cucumbers, melons, and celery.
  • Drink while you Eat. Did you know that most cravings for sweets are actually a sign of dehydration? Drink two full glasses at each meal, one before and one after. Also, drink one glass before each snack.