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Balance or Harmony

By Bettina Tornatorra – Reprinted from UCA 33 Principles Have you had the feeling of: How did I get to this place in my life? Have you ever looked around at your life and wondered When did that change? When you examine your life, are you the ruler of your destiny? Are YOU the centre […]

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Living A Congruent Chiropractic Lifestyle 

By Dr. Brian Kelly – Reprinted from UCA 33 Principles Magazine We have all been given a beautiful philosophy through chiropractic.  It reminds me of classical music, in that the deeper you go in learning and understating it, the more meaning can be gained from it. I often meet chiropractors or CAs who do the […]

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Stress and Adaptation the Chiropractic Way

Written by Mark Postles for our 33 Principles Magazine, reprinted here. I’m fascinated by the current state of our profession. It seems that there is a high level of stress and we are adapting to it in less than optimal ways. In many circles it appears that chiropractic is being reduced to a modality – […]

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Dr. Proudmans Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

      I have been asked to write a little bit about my adventure last Christmas in Australia sailing on a racing yacht in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. It was, let me assure you, a fantastic experience. It was challenging on so many levels, physical emotional and psychological, and before you […]

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